Reprieve for Harold Wood schoolgirl hit with �80 fine after leaving Oyster card at home

�Transport For London (TFL) has reversed a decision to fine a schoolgirl �80 for travelling on a school bus without an Oyster Card, thanks to the Recorder.

Teleah Carabine, from Nightingale Crescent, Harold Wood, was given the fine by a TFL inspector for getting on the 656 bus without her oyster card on July 4.

But the mother of the 14-year-old has hit out at Tfl for its original action. Jenny Carabine said: “I think its appalling. It doesn’t make sense that they have given a school girl a fine on the school bus and in her school uniform when children get free travel.”

Teleah was allowed on to the bus, which takes students to and from Emerson Park School, after telling the bus driver that she had forgotten her oyster card at home.

But just five minutes before the bus arrived at her school, a TFL inspector came on asking to see her oyster card.

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He gave her a temporary pass for the day and told her that she had to pay a �2 bus fare.

She was issued with the fine when she said that she didn’t have any money.

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Jenny says that Teleah forgot her oyster card after taking it out from her blazer the night before so that it could be washed.

The next day she put on the blazer and forgot to pick up her oyster card. Jenny said: “It’s disgusting, the bus driver let her on the bus because he knows her and knows she has an oyster card.

“She is such a quiet girl and she came home worrying and panic because she knows that there is no way that I can afford to pay the fine. She couldn’t pay the �2 fare because I don’t give her any money. I am too busy paying the bills and struggling to survive.”

The fine was originally for �40, but went up to �80.

Luckily TFL made the decision this week to uphold Jenny’s appeal after they were contacted by the Recorder.

A spokesman for TFL said: “It is vital that every passenger with a discounted or Zip Oystercard ensures that they are carrying it when they travel on our services to ensure no one abuses the entitlement.

“If someone is found to not hold a valid ticket this will lead to a penalty fare in most instances.”

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