TfL to make busy boundary safe following determined local campaign

Deer grazing boundary to be shored up

L-R: Brenda Giovnilli, Cllr Jan Sargent, London Assembly Member Keith Prince and Cllr Melvin Wallace. - Credit: Jan Sargent

A busy boundary in Harold Hill which is often visited by wildlife is to be made safe following a community campaign.

Transport for London (TfL) has committed to shoring up boundary fencing near to the section of the A12 which runs from Maylands Golf Course to the M25 Brook Street roundabout.

Gooshays ward councillor Jan Sargent told the Recorder: "This area is absolutely abundant with wildlife.

"The boundary fence along this section has been broken, and in some parts missing, for as far back as I can remember.

Deer grazing boundary to be shored up

Cllr Sargent says the stretch of the A12 - from Maylands Golf Club to the M25 Brook Street roundabout - has long since been in need of repair. - Credit: Jan Sargent

"I have been trying to contact the right people to get this addressed for years."

The councillor - from the North Havering Residents' Group - is also a member of the Harold Hill Deer Aid group.

She and her fellow wildlife lovers have been dealing with this boundary's safety issues - when animals go further than the fencing into the road - for some time.

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"The scenes we have been faced with on these call-outs have been no less than heart-breaking.

"We have been extremely concerned for the safety of road users along with the deer and other wildlife."

To move the campaign forward, group member Brenda Giovnilli contacted the area's London Assembly member Keith Prince, who took the matter to TfL.

The Recorder has since viewed an email - sent by TfL to Mr Prince - which confirms the transport body's commitment to repairing this fence.

It outlines that while the responsibility for this boundary lies with the landowner, TfL has "now arranged for this to be made safe".

Contractors have been instructed to undertake this work, it says, with Highways England also made aware of the development.

Cllr Sargent admitted she "nearly cried" tears of joy upon hearing the news about the campaign, which pre-dates her time in local government.

Deer grazing boundary to be shored up

TfL has committed to shoring up the boundary so wildlife who graze in the area will now be safer. - Credit: Jan Sargent

Estimating that the deer aid group has been called out more than 16 times since the middle of January, she hopes this repair work will "make the area a lot safer for both road users and local wildlife".

Alongside Mr Prince, the campaigner paid tribute to Squirrels Heath councillor Melvin Wallace for his role in this "major achievement".