Rainham shopkeepers confused over noise complaints

RAINHAM shopkeepers have been left puzzled after they have received complaints from the council over the levels of noise coming from the shops-at the time when all of them are closed.

Four shopkeepers in Upminster Road South, Rainham received the letters last week from the Environmental Health Department of Havering Council about the levels of noise coming from the shops from 2am to 9am in the morning.

Owner of Shane Francis Hairdressers, Shane Francis who receieved the letter said: “I think the whole thing is just a big joke because we are a hairdressing shop and we open at normal hours but the time stated in the letter we are not even open yet.”

In the letters, the council’s Enviroment department claim that they have receieved complaints about excess banging noise coming from the shops almost everyday from 2am to 9am.

An investigation has also been launched by the council into the noise coming from the shops and the traders have even been threatened with legal action if the noise continues.

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Owner of Essex Decorators, Mike Taylor said:“The whole thing just shows that the council do not know much about Rainham.

“Before they actually sent out the letters they should have come down and they would have seen that none of us are actually opened at that time.”

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The shopkeepers claim that are the victims of mistaken identity.

Shane said: “Its a joke because we have been here for more than 20 years and we have never heard of anything like this.

“Maybe it could be ghosts causing the noise but its definatley not coming from the shops at that time.”

Chair of the Rainham Association of Shopkeepers, Cllr Jeff Tucker said: “I am disappointed with the council wasting their own time and threatening to take action against shopkeepers is just alarming.

“The shopkeepers have got enough to cope with at the moment with the recession and the rents and this is the last thing that they should have to deal with.”

Councillor Lesley Kelly, Cabinet member for Public Protection, said: “We have had complaints about noise at two addresses. We have made it very clear that we are still working to identify the cause and we want to rule out any possibilities as early as possible. Noise can really affect peoples quality of life and we hope that these letters will help us identify the cause so it can be addressed as soon as possible.”

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