Rainham residents launch campaign against ‘Dovers Corner Two’

A pressure group is preparing to mount a campaign against a controversial development which they have already branded as Dovers Corner two.

The Adamsgate Action group are opposing latest plans to build tower blocks on the site of the Old A13, the old Somerfields site in Rainham.

Chairman of the Adamsgate Action Group, Graham Williamson said: “I do not believe that any development such as this one is viable on the A13 unless there is major investment in the area and we know that the government is not likely to do that.”

The development, which was put through on December 23 would see 453 flats and 45 houses being built on the site.

The Adamsgate Action group oppose the plans because the flats are predominately five storey which goes against the council’s planning rules which state that they will not accept anything over three storeys high.

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They also believe there is a lack of provisions in the area to support the influx of people that the development would bring.

Graham said; “There is definatley no service provision for a development this size, there will be no extra doctors, dentists and the people would just put extra pressure on the services.

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“They are just going to create the development and then leave it up to the community to sort out.”

The original Dovers Corner development by Weston Homes was abandoned in August last year because of the government cutting funding for affordable housing.

It followed an earlier decision by the Secretary of State to approve the plans.

Graham argues that he always knew that there would be more developments planned for the site, but says that he didn’t expect it so soon in the current economic climate.

He said: “This development is very similar to Dovers Corner in the sense that it is just too big and there is a lack of service provision.”

The council has confirmed that they have received an application for 498 flats on the site and are consulting with local residents and businesses before making a decision.

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