'Grown up together': Rainham family searching for three-legged cat


Marv was last since in Rainham on Thursday - Credit: Hannah Roberts

A worried Rainham family is appealing for help to find their three-legged cat Marv, who has been missing for days.

Owner Hannah Roberts said her family was very concerned as he does not usually disappear for days on end.

The 11-year-old cat is the same age as Hannah's younger child, and she said the two of them have "grown up together."

Hannah added: "He is a creature of habit, and always comes in at a certain time.

"We're worried because this is really out of character."

She has not seen Marv since before work on Thursday (July 22), at around 6am or 7am.

Marv, who had his left leg amputated several years ago, has a "very distinctive meow" and is microchipped.

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"He is well-known on our road because he terrorises the other cats," Hannah explained.

"I think we has a chip on his shoulder because of his amputated leg."

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