Rainham family find dead pet in bin for dog mess

A Rainham family have been left distraught after their pet kitten was killed and dumped in a bin for dog mess.

Timid eight-month-old Prada, a white tom, disappeared from his home in Ford Lane on New Year’s Eve.

Owners Angie Robinson and her daughter Charlie, 20, spent hours scouring the streets and green areas for the missing animal.

But they only realised the horrible truth on New Year’s Day when a friend said she had seen a dead cat in a bin for dog waste in nearby Brittons Playing Fields.

“We all burst out crying,” said Angie, 40. “It totally ruined our New Year. Who would do that to a little animal, especially knowing it was someone’s pet?”

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The cat had head and eye injuries and had been partly covered by a tea-towel. His collar had also been removed.

“We don’t really know how he died,” said Angie. “He could have been run over, or even strangled or hit on the head.

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“If it was an accident I can’t believe someone would just dump him in a bin, surely you would have the decency to knock on a few doors, or even take him home and give him a decent burial?

“I’m pretty sure you should report it like you do a dog.”

Angie says the fammily, including their other cat, called Gucci, are in mourning.

“We’re all animal lovers and it’s totally ruined our New Year. He was such a lovely cat. He was afraid if anyone came to the door but he was really friendly to people he knew.”

She added: “We may get a new kitten but we’ll never be able to replace him.”

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