Rainham dance group needs your vote!

A STREET dance group from Rainham could be crowned the UK’s hottest dance act in an online vote.

Dem Lot, who are based at St Helen’s Church, Upminster Road South, face vote the vote after being named as London’s best dance act in August.

The group had got through to the London regional final of the contest in Leicester Square by performing in front of judge and Strictly Come Dancing star Brendan Cole.

Their choreographer Nicola Steward said: “I think it’s amazing. The fact that they’ve only been together since January, for them to have the chance to win the UK’s best dance act is incredible.

“It shows all their hard work, and I think they show what’s going to be happening to street dance in the future, they’re a great representation of what’s to come.”

The seven members of the group are between the ages of nine and 13, and also recently took part in auditions for Sky1 show Got to Dance.

To watch a video of them performing in Leicester Square, and to vote for them to win the title and �1,000 prize visit www.barclayslive.co.uk.

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Readers have until January 5 to vote.