Rainham cricketer makes second appearance on Channel 4’s Countdown

Jonathan O’Neill, 24 from Rainham appeared for a second time in Channel 4's Countdown

Jonathan ONeill, 24 from Rainham appeared for a second time in Channel 4's Countdown - Credit: Archant

A Rainham cricketer has appeared on Channel 4’s long-running quiz show Countdown for the second time.

Jonathan O’Neill, 24, of Spencer Road, made his second string of appearances in the words and numbers game in February after being invited back for their 30th Birthday Championship.

He originally appeared on the show in 2005, winning eight games in a row to earn the coveted title of ‘octochamp’.

On his return this year, he made the semi-finals but lost to the eventual winner.

Jonathan admits that the pressure can get to people on the show.

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He said: “Numbers can create a lot of pressure for people on the show. Letters are similar to playing at home, but numbers you really have to think about.”

The word that he is most proud of is “drupelet” – the small bobbles that are found on blackberries and raspberries.

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Along with friend Charlie Reams, Jonathan has set up a website for Countdown enthusiasts. Visitors to www.apterous.org can play the game online, with 500 players currently subscribed.

As club secretary of Rainham Cricket Club, Jonathan boasts an equally impressive record at the crease.

Last year he took 40 wickets and made 500 runs, falling only three short of a century on one occasion due to adverse playing conditions.

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