Queen’s visit to Harold Hill: student talks about sitting down to lunch with monarch

One of the Drapers’ Academy pupils who sat down for lunch with the Queen on the top table said it was a great day…with a slightly different menu to the usual meals.

George Crandon, 16, who is studying A levels in maths, business, art and textiles, said she could see The Queen as she and her sixth form friends had their lunch on Friday. They were invited to dine with her majesty, eating a specially prepared three course meal of ham terrine, lamb with dauphinoise potatoes, and rhubarb and ginger with cr�me brulee.

George, who lives in Harold Hill, said: “It was different, it’s not the sort of thing we would normally have! The Queen was on the top table with some students and teachers so they would have got the chance to talk to her, but I could see her from where I was sitting.

“Altogether there were about 80 people having lunch,” she said, and the meal lasted for around an hour before The Queen continued her tour.

“I thought she was very impressive,’ said George. “She looked really nice, she was wearing a peachy-pink dress with a hat and black shoes and a bag.

“I like the royal family, it was a good experience. Seeing her when she arrived at the school was the most exciting part.”

George said her parents were now jealous that she had met the monarch because no-one else in her family had met The Queen.