Pupils save Christmas after Santa crash lands in Harold Hill

Excited pupils help Santa find his lost sleigh and reindeer

Excited pupils help Santa find his lost sleigh and reindeer - Credit: Archant

Christmas was nearly cancelled today after Santa Claus broke down and lost his sleigh and reindeer.

Thankfully pupils from Mead Primary School, in Amersham Avenue, Harold Hill, were on hand to help save Christmas and get Santa back in his sleigh in time for December 25.

The pupils were set for a day of fun and games, after the grounds of the school were transformed into a winter wonderland, before they were called into the assembly hall to watch an urgent video from Santa - who called on the youngsters to help him after he crash landed in Harold Hill.

Thankfully the little helpers were joined by pupils from Broadford Primary School, in Faringdon Avenue, Harold Hill, and were able to locate Santa’s lost items before home time.

The school’s headteacher, Lin Smith, was delighted with the event and added that the year two pupils took it very seriously.

“The children absolutely loved it,” said Lin. “It’s been fun and it has been really nice to have children from Broadford celebrate with us as well.

“Year two in particular were well into looking for the sleigh and reindeer. When they were told Father Christmas is relying on you to save Christmas, they really believed it.”