Marks & Spencer and Amazon recall items after safety fears

File photo dated 11/01/17 of Marks and Spencer on Oxford Street in London. The retailer has said its

Marks & Spencer has recalled sausage rolls - Credit: PA

Marks & Spencer, Amazon and Ebay are among several retailers who have recalled products due to urgent health and safety concerns.

The Food Standards Agency and Trading Standards have issued warnings about several items, which should be returned to the retailer for a full refund.

Marks & Spencer has recalled its packs of 20 cocktail sausage rolls with a use-by date of January 10 as they have been incorrectly labelled. 

The sausage rolls were labelled with the incorrect use-by date making them unsafe to eat. They have asked for people not to eat the sausage rolls and to return them instead for a full refund.The alert was issued on October 28. 

Marks & Spencer recall sausage rolls due to incorrect labelling

Marks & Spencer have recalled cocktail sausage rolls with a use-by date of January 10 due to incorrect labelling - Credit: Trading Standards

Product details:
Product name: M&S 20 Cocktail Sausage Rolls
Pack size: 296 g
Use-by date: 10 January 2022

Lindt has recalled its salted caramel milk chocolate bars because a small number contain wheat (gluten) which is not mentioned on the label. This could cause a health risk for those that are allergic or have an intolerance to gluten. Due to a packaging error, some packs contain Lindt's strawberry cheesecake bars instead. 

Lindt Lindor chocolate bars recalled

Lindt has recalled a batch of its salted caramel chocolate bars due to allergens not labelled - Credit: Trading Standards

Product details:
Lindt Lindor Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate Bars
Pack size: 38 g
Batch code: L5751 17
Best-before date: June 2022
Allergens: gluten (wheat)

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Two recently launched toys for children have been recalled due to serious safety concerns.

Glacier Slime and Ninja Slime have been recalled after it was found they contain high amounts of boron, a chemical that can damage reproductive systems if ingested. Products bearing these names should be returned back to the retailer for a full refund.

Glacier Slime recalled by Trading Standards

Glacier Slime has been found to contain high amounts of boron, which can be damaging to the reproductive system - Credit: Trading Standards

Product description:
Blue and white pot of slime bearing the name Glacier Slime.

Product identifiers:
Barcode number 4545454545

Ninja Slime recalled by Trading Standards

Ninja Slime has been recalled due to posing a serious health risk - Credit: Trading Standards

Product description
Various colours of slime, in a cone shaped transparent tub accompanied with a straw to blow bubbles.

Product identifiers
Barcode Number: 4545454545

Lictin piano xylophone toy recalled by Trading Standards

The phone cord on the Lictin toy was found to pose a choking hazard to young children - Credit: Trading Standards

The Lictin 4-in-1 piano xylophone phone which was available on Amazon has been recalled due to a serious safety concern. The phone cord could cause strangulation and asphyxiation posing a hazard to young children. 

Product description:
Musical multifunctional xylophone board set with a toy phone and mirror

Product identifiers:

Willows Toys recalled due to safety concerns

Willows Toys ribbons has been recalled and withdrawn from the market due to posing a choking risk - Credit: Trading Standards

Willows Toys black and white sensory ribbons that were available on Ebay have been recalled due to a high risk of choking. There is a risk the wooden rings could break releasing elements that could cause choking. 

Product description:
Black and white sensory ribbons attached on a wooden ring.

Product identifiers:
eBay item number: 373122533054

Tribord lifejacket recalled

A Tribord lifejacket sold by Decathlon has been recalled as the harness failed after testing - Credit: Trading Standards

Sports retailer Decathlon has recalled a Tribord LJ 150N lifejacket and harness due to a risk of drowning. Tests found that in rare cases the harness may fail if thrown overboard making it unsafe to use. 

Product description:
A black safety harness with black straps and Tribord labelling.

Product identifiers:
Model code - 8641609
Brand: Tribord

You can check the Trading Standards and Food Standard Agency websites for a full list of recalled alerts.