Drains in area repeatedly flooded to be next inspected during bad weather

Meeting held to discuss flooding problems

MP Julia Lopez says she is determined to identify the problem causing the persistent flooding in Abbs Cross Lane - Credit: Hornchurch Residents’ Association

Persistently problematic drains in Hornchurch will next be inspected "when flooding is occurring".

That is the outcome of a meeting between Hornchurch and Upminster MP Julia Lopez and representatives from services involved in managing the flooding of Abbs Cross Lane on October 13. 

Following a previous meeting in July, on-site investigations took place to pinpoint where vegetation needed to be cleared and survey cameras put in place.

Havering Council reportedly identified two gullies which require excavation and reconnection.

Thames Water's spokesperson confirmed it shared mapping data and attended several site meetings in a bid to locate the issue. 

However, even after this, Ms Lopez said there is still no indication as to why the flooding is happening, mostly during periods of heavy rainfall.  

Ms Lopez said: “I am pleased that arrangements have been made for further inspections to take place when flooding is occurring and trust that this will allow for a more complete assessment of the problem." 

She said there is "now a momentum and a will to get to the bottom of the issue".

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A Havering Council spokesperson confirmed it is working with “local partners to tackle the issues to get to the bottom of the cause of the flooding”.  

Ms Lopez said: “Flooding in Abbs Cross Lane has affected residents for many years, but I am pleased that in convening all relevant stakeholders, we are getting people to work together to find a collective solution for residents.” 

A Thames Water spokesperson said it "empathises" with anyone affected by "how horrible sewer flooding can be" and has been working with Ms Lopez and her office for "some time to better understand the issues".

It is a "multi-agency issue", they added, and the company is working alongside other organisations to "investigate the causes of flooding" and "mitigate these issues".

Abbs Cross Lane recently flooded during heavy rainfall between June 17 and 18.

Another meeting will be held after the drains are next inspected during bad weather.

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