Prince the puppy back to Harold Wood home after mysterious close shave

The family of Prince the six-month-old pup were overjoyed and confused when their family pet was ret

The family of Prince the six-month-old pup were overjoyed and confused when their family pet was returned to them shaved. - Credit: Archant

A family was both overjoyed and bewildered when their missing dog was returned to them with less fur than he had left with.

Carly Gilpin, 31, of Harold Wood, was relieved when her partner called to tell her the police had brought their six-month-old puppy, Prince, home – after he had been missing for five days.

But when Carly laid eyes on the family pooch, something seemed a little different.

She said: “I was over the moon that he was back with us but I was a little bit confused about what happened to his hair.

“It looks as if someone has shaved some of the fur off his back!”

Prince, a chihuahua and papillon cross, went missing on Saturday – wandering out of the house while the front door was accidentally left open.

Carly said; “I was playing with him just a few minutes before he disappeared.

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“Usually he follows me everywhere so when I saw he wasn’t behind me, I got a little worried.

“I started calling out for him but I heard nothing – we were all so upset when we realised we couldn’t find our Prince because he’s like a member of our family.”

Luckily the beloved pup was returned to the family safe and sound within days of going missing.

Carly said: “He was a present for my daughter’s 13th birthday so she was crying with happiness – I was welling up as well seeing how happy she was.”

CCTV footage showed the puppy wandering outside the house after he went missing.

A person can be seen stepping out of a parked car, picking him up and driving off with him a few minutes later.

Sgt Charlie Routley, of Harold Wood Safer Neighbourhoods Team, said: “We are overjoyed to have been able to return Prince home to his loving family.

“The efforts the family made to try and find him show just how much he means to them.”

Carly said: “I think I need to get him a few coats now so he can keep warm this winter!”