Portrait photographer, Marie Donn uses Havering locations as the backdrop to her pictures

Take a look at these stunning photographs.

If the people in them aren’t familiar then the locations should be.

Portrait photographer, Marie Donn is so passionate about Havering that she has used the different locations around the borough as the backdrop to her photographs.

She said: “There are so many amazing backdrops here that I don’t even need to go out of the borough.

“I can spend a whole year in Raphael Park or in Harold Hill, there are just so many special locations- its just about keeping an eye open.”

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Some of the places featured in Marie’s shoots include Romford Market, Hilldene Shopping Centre in the morning and Romford High Street at night.

Marie believes that it is these settings that make her photographs stand out,

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She said: “These are family and child portrait sessions so the backgrounds tend to be incidental to the children having fun, but I work by taking the children and their families out for the day and when they get a photograph from it, its an added bonus because they have had such an amazing day to remember.”

She added: “I don’t think people realise that the colours in the borough are so amazing.”

Marie, 36 started turning her hands to the camera after the birth of her daughter, Sofie five years ago.

She started getting requests from family and friends who liked what she was doing so much that they wanted her to snap their children.

Marie said: “I have always been interested in people and for me it is about having fun with families and giving them a memory of the day.”

For more information visit http://mariedonnphotography.com/

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