Police probe Havering doormen

TWO door staff were reported to the police and eight handed cautions after an unannounced license inspection of pubs and bars across the borough.

Premises across Romford and Hornchurch were visited by officers from Metropolitan Police Service as they tried to catch unlicensed door supervisors.

But while the inspection found all 75 staff at 14 venues were licensed, a number breached the Security Industry Authority conditions.

Eight staff were issued with warnings for failing to notify change of address and two had not informed the SIA of cautions or charges for relevant offences.

SIA Head of Investigation Jacquie Parker said: “Whilst all of the door staff inspected were compliant with the law in that they held a valid SIA licence, it was disappointing to find some individuals in breach of licence conditions. Door staff are reminded that SIA licences are issued subject to certain conditions and their licence can be revoked or suspended if the conditions are not met. We will continue to work with the police to ensure that unsuitable people do not work in positions of trust.”

Sergeant Simon Harman said: “We will continue to prosecute the small minority who operate unlawfully or who are in breach of their licence conditions as we roll this initiative out across the rest of London over Christmas and the New Year.”