Plans submitted to renovate listed Town Hall and create new customer service centre

Havering Town Hall plans

Plans have been submitted to renovate Havering Town Hall and the neighbouring West Wing building. - Credit: Ken Mears

Plans to renovate Havering Town Hall have been submitted for consideration. 

Separate applications - to be decided together - outline proposed internal renovations of the Town Hall building, alongside those to both the interior and exterior of the neighbouring West Wing building. 

Listed Building Consent must be acquired to make the proposed changes to the Town Hall building because of its Grade II listed status. 

While the West Wing building is included in that listing, the rules surrounding its renovation aren't as strict because it is a more recent extension built in 1988.

As such, separate applications are required to determine whether work can be done to each.

Should the plans be given the go-ahead, renovations will start in September/October and finish next March. 

A decision is expected by November 11.

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Town Hall

Listed Building Consent (LBC) is sought to relocate two existing doors of historical interest.

These doors would be moved from the first floor of the northern wing to the first floor of the eastern wing.

This is sought to facilitate a refurbishment of the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) area, which is intended to provide collaboration and meeting spaces.

A supporting heritage statement provided by Montagu Evans reads: "This alteration would retain the doors within the building while enabling the improvements to the MASH and enable the effective operation of the town hall in its original use."

LBC is also required to modify the existing door signs, for example for proposals to have gender neutral signage, which would see current lettering changed.

West Wing 

The proposals include the creation of a new customer service centre in the West Wing with improved access.

Five external changes have been listed, including a refurbishment of the main entrance, new signage and plant and acoustic screening on the roof.

Internally, the plans seek to revamp the office areas and toilets.

The works are estimated to cost up to £2 million in total.

To learn more about the proposals, use references P1679.21, P1681.21 and L0010.21 on the council's planning portal.