Romford location ‘encapsulates Britain’ in soon to premiere horror movie

Detective Barun Rai

Detective Barun Rai works to unravel the harrowing paranormal crimes throughout the film. - Credit: Big Films Media Presents and Unicorn Motion Pictures Production

A new psychological horror film set to premiere exclusively in Cineworld and Vue cinemas on Friday was filmed primarily in Romford.  

Produced by Unicorn Motion Pictures, and releasing under the banner of Big Films Media - Barun Rai and The House on the Cliff -  is set in an English coastal town in the 1970s.

While scenes were also filmed in Cornwall, it was Little Tawney Hall - located on the Romford farm of the same name - which proved to be the perfect location for encapsulating Britain.  

The film follows protagonists Harmesh and Soumili as they move into their dream home, oblivious to the mysterious suicides plaguing the area.  

Unwilling to face the horror of their new hometown, they seek answers from paranormal specialist investigator Detective Barun Rai who is blessed with a unique power.  

Acting as a bridge between the world and the paranormal universe, the detective does his best to convince Harmesh and Soumili that the suicides are no coincidence.  

British filmmaker and producer-director for the movie, Sam Bhattacharjee, said: “Whilst scouting for the film, we were looking for a location with a timeless quality to it; somewhere that could double for the 1970s while encapsulating Britain.  

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“As soon as we saw one farm in Tawney Hall, we went straight to their front door, knocked and asked the owner for permission to film there. 

“The surrounding area was so versatile that swathes of the filming could be done there.

"If the whole film could have been done there, we would have done.”

The film’s cast includes actor Sid Makkar - best known for his role in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - alongside Nyra Banerjee, Priyanshu Chaterjee, Tony Richardson, George Dawson, Emma Galliano and many more. 

Sam added: “We are so excited to see the reaction to this movie and have such high expectations for audiences who are looking to enjoy a particularly dark and chilling psychological horror this Halloween. 

“We have a talented cast on screen and an equally talented team behind the production. We’re looking forward to seeing Barun Rai contact the other world on the big screen. 

Go see Barun Rai and The House on the Cliff from October 29.

The trailer is available at this link.