Phone scam widens as mystery calls to Bosnia-Herzegovina appear on Rise Park man’s bill

A phone scam appears to have spread to a wider area as mystery calls to Bosnia-Herzegovina have now appeared on a resident’s bill.

Residents in Hornchurch discovered earlier this month that they had been billed hundreds of pounds for fraudulent calls to west African nation Guinnea-Bissau.

But this week Peter Goldsmith, 56, of Ayr Way, Rise Park, discovered more than £205 of calls to Bosnia-Herzegovina in Southeastern Europe were made at the beginning of the month.

He believes that like the others he may be a victim of “teeing” - where green boxes in the streets are tampered with to make fraudulent calls.

“I saw my bill and thought ‘bloody hell’ I’ve got a bill for more than £200,” he Mr Goldsmith said.

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“It makes you think, who else has this happened to?

“We all get these online bills now and are on direct debit but you need to make sure you check your bill.”

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