Almost 500 sign petition to make Pettits Lane A12 junction safer

A12 junction

The Pettits Lane/Pettits Lane North junction on the A12 has been the subject of a campaign to improve safety for close to three years. - Credit: Google Maps

A petition to make Romford's Pettits Lane junction safer has reached almost 500 signatures. 

Created by Mandy Pugh - and backed by Better Streets for Havering - the petition forms part of a long-running campaign to get safer crossing facilities installed on this junction with the A12. 

The petition refers to two schools which are particularly affected by the current situation, one either side of Eastern Avenue. 

Pupils at both the Marshalls Park Academy in Pettits Lane and Rise Park Infant School in Annan Way cross this junction, and campaigners argue the current infrastructure simply doesn't allow this to be done safely - for children, or anyone else. 

Better Streets for Havering co-ordinator Mark Philpotts issued this statement on behalf of the group: "At Pettits Lane, people walking can either use a narrow, indirect footbridge with steep switchback ramps or perform a scary run of the gauntlet with gaps in the traffic at surface level where the dropped kerbs are uneven and the footway often strewn with debris. Crossing by cycle here is only for the fit and the brave."

Google image

Pupils at schools such as the Marshalls Park Academy and Rise Park Infant School regularly cross the A12 junction. - Credit: Google Maps

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Stating that "drivers are the only people invited to use this junction", the group argues that those choosing alternative forms of transport are treated as "second class citizens". 

Addressing this footbridge in the petition, Mandy writes that it's "often not fit for purpose" due to its steep ramp.

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The campaign to make this junction safer has been ongoing since March 2018, with efforts to lobby MPs, TfL and the Mayor of London yet to yield the desired change. 

Pointing to the Hainault Road and Barley Lane junction (also on the A12, in Redbridge) which has received safety improvements, Mandy argues the same can - and must be - done in Petitts Lane.

Endorsing the petition, Better Streets for Havering said a new crossing would "help local people access the shops at Rise Park Parade, help pupils to get to Marshalls Park Academy and enable local people to walk around their neighbourhood more easily". 

To sign the petition, visit

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