Pet owner thanks ‘angels’ at Upminster Veterinary Centre for twice saving her dog’s life

�A dog who wears a contact lens has now had a nose job.

Candy the boxer has been given a new lease of life after undergoing an operation to help her to breathe easier at Wylie Veterinary Centre in Hall Lane, Upminster.

Morkel Pienaar, who carried out the procedure, said: “We had to give her a nose job but she has recovered really well.

“It was a very straightforward procedure and she is now back home and seems to be more active than she has ever been in her whole life – she is a really good success story.”


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Mr Pienaar first noticed that six-year-old Candy had a problem with her breathing when owner Kim Amman brought her in for a routine X-ray.

During the X-ray, Candy’s heart stopped for a minute-and-a-half and veterinary surgeons had to carry out cardiopulmonary resuscitation and heart massages.

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They discovered that the problem was caused by a blocked voicebox and performed a procedure to rebuild Candy’s nose.

Mr Pienaar said: “Candy’s soft pallet was too long, which got trapped when she breathed. This meant that she could only breathe through her nose.

“She also had a very narrow nostril so if she got too excited she wouldn’t get enough air.”

Earlier this year, Candy was fitted with a contact lens to save her eyesight after Kim was told by another vet that her right eye had to be removed.

Candy’s numerous health problems are known as Brachycephalic syndrome, which is caused by breeding dogs so that they have short muzzles and noses.

Kim bought Candy from a couple two years ago and noticed she had a problem with her breathing but thought it was normal.

She has thanked Mr Pienaar and his team for saving Candy’s life.

Kim, from Dagenham, said: “They have been so brilliant. The only way to describe them is angels.

“They have saved Candy’s life twice. First by bringing her back to life when she stopped breathing and now by giving her this nose job.”

“I have never seen Candy looking so good. I feel that I have got a newer version of my dog back.”

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