Pedestrian crossing in Romford is closed just weeks after it opened

Residents have criticised Transport for London (TfL) for wasting money after a pedestrian crossing was closed within weeks of it being opened.

People living near the junction of Eastern Avenue and Mawney Road, Romford, claim that they waited years for a crossing only to see it shut almost immediately.

Resident Norman Bayes said: “Its crazy. TfL must have spent lots of money on this crossing, but they should have done their research properly and planned so that something like this could not happen.”


The promised crossing was originally installed in July to replace a footbridge that was demolished four years ago.

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But within weeks of it opening TfL closed it due to drivers doing illegal U-turns which they say were putting pedestrians at risk.

Resident Peter Bailey said: “I am appalled by the whole thing. It’s really worrying that TfL have done this project without even bothering to do their homework.”

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The closed crossing means that some residents living nearby have been forced to get off the buses at the Romford Bus Garage travelling from the London direction or to take a 252 bus to visit the shops because of the danger of crossing the road

Mr Bailey said: “They have put barriers up on the crossing now and if anything it has made matters worse and things are even more dangerous.”

A spokesman for TFL said: “Earlier this year, TfL carried out work to install the pedestrian crossing, however, due to drivers disobeying the no U-turn signs, we have now had to close it on a temporary basis while further work is carried out to improve safety measures at this junction.

“TfL is working to find a suitable solution as quickly as possible and hopes to reopen the pedestrian crossing later this year. We apologise for any inconvenience that the closure of this crossing has caused local residents.”

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