Passenger hit with brick on bus in Rainham

A man was left with a cut to his head after being hit by a brick hurled at a bus on Hallowe’en night.

Alan Amos says that he is lucky to be alive after the terrifying ordeal on Wednesday October 31 at 11.00pm in Pinewood Avenue, Rainham.

He said: “I was really frightened by the whole thing, but it could have been worse.

“If that was an elderly person or a child then they could have killed them.”

Alan, 60 was on his way home from work on the 287 bus when the bus driver warned him that bricks had been thrown at the bus earlier in the day.

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He says that he remembers putting his head down, when he saw half a brick come crashing through the window.

He said: “It was scary.

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“I didn’t know what was happening, my head was just gushing with blood and I was really confused.”

London Ambulance crews attended where Alan was taken to Queen’s Hospital in Rom Valley Way, Romford.

He was discharged from hospital after two hours, but was not able to return to work until two days later.

Police are currently investigating the incident. Anyone with information should call Detective Constable Tara Wilson on 101.

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