Pan theft put pensioners’ Christmas meal in doubt

�Old folk at a Cranham dinner club face losing their Christmas meal next week after thieves stole their saucepans.

Perky Pensioners meet every Wednesday at Brunswick House, Cranham, but on November 23 the volunteers discovered the saucepans had been stolen, and they could not provide a hot meal for the group.

Although volunteers took them out for a meal, they have not been able to replace the saucepans, and unless they can the pensioners will not be receiving a Christmas dinner at the club next week.

Lynn Warnett, from Age Concern, which organises the weekly meeting, said: “This has meant that a cooked lunch is now unable to be provided to those who want it at the club and the Christmas meal scheduled for Wednesday is now in jeopardy unless large saucepans can be found to replace the stolen ones in time.


“The Perky Pensioners team are annoyed that someone has just come in and taken what isn’t theirs with no thought to the consequences of their actions on others.”

Joyce Taylor, 80, of Serena Court, Hornchurch, said: “It’s awful that someone would do that and we were upset about it.”

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Phyllis Lane, a volunteer at the club, said: “They have a lovely time, and a wonderful chef comes in and they enjoy a lovely cooked dinner and a sweet dish. At Christmas they have a lovely big meal.

“Last week when the volunteer helpers arrived they found all four catering saucepans had been stolen.

“Next week a Christmas party and dinner has to be arranged and cooked in this hall.”

If anyone has any large saucepans they no longer need and are willing to donate them to the club contact the office on 01708 345138 and leave your contact details.

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