Owner of cat mauled to death in Harold Hill determined to catch killer dog

The owner of a cat who was mauled to death in Harold Hill has vowed to catch the vicious dog that killed him.

Simon Wiginton, 45, said children had knocked on his door to tell him his cat had been attacked by a pitbull or Staffordshire terrier dog and was hurt on Saturday, May 28.

When he went to see Tiddles he found him dead, covered in blood and with a broken neck.

Mr Wigington, of Dagnam Park Drive, said: “I rushed out but it was too late. He was lying with a broken neck on the pathway with blood on him.

“That dog should have been on a lead,” he said. “If it was this wouldn’t have happened. I am determined to find out who owns it.

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“I am not going to let this go. I am going to make sure this won’t happen again. My neighbours who have pets are afraid for them.

“And children come out to play in this street in the summer time. It could be one of them next time.”

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He said the attack has distressed and shocked his family who had Tiddles for 16 years.

Mr Wigington said: “He wasn’t just a cat; he was part of our family. He was gorgeous. We can’t believe this has happened.”

He said he constantly leaves his door open now so that his other three cats can get inside quickly if they need to.

He added: “I want people to be aware that this dog is around. My other cat has been chased by it before.

“I don’t want the owner to just walk away from this and nothing to happen. It is just not acceptable.”

The dog was either a pitbull or Staffordshire terrier, brown, and wearing a blue studded collar.

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