Off-duty Romford special constable ‘didn’t think twice’ to help car crash drivers

PC Craig Emmery helped out a RTC last week while off duty

PC Craig Emmery helped out a RTC last week while off duty - Credit: Archant

An off-duty special constable has recalled the “surreal” moments he rushed to the aid of injured car drivers.

Craig Emmery, 19, came across an accident last Wednesday when two cars crashed on the busy stretch of Lower Bedfords Road in Harold Hill.

Craig said: “I was in the car with a friend just going about doing day-to-day stuff when we saw the crash.

“I thought it was best we stopped, checked for injuries, got the road clear and details were taken.”

The 19-year-old says he “didn’t think twice” and automatically started to follow the protocol he would if on duty.

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He said: “One lady was clearly in shock when I approached, she had injured her hand but was really shaken up and concerned.

“As soon as I got to the people involved, I told them who I was and what I do.

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“I’ve been to a few serious crash accidents and it’s important to remain calm and professional.”

The special constable who also works as an ambulance dispatcher called upon his first aid training to reassure those involved.

Craig said: “It was quite surreal and I was not in a marked vehicle and you assume things like this won’t happen.

“But instincts kick in when you arrive and you revert back to all the training.”

Craig became a special constable in December last year.

They are part-time volunteers who work alongside regular police officers and have similar police powers.

After working with St John’s Ambulance in Romford, Craig got to know many of the officers and decided to apply after a friend recommended it.

He said: “As a kid I would always watch police programmes on television and want to be a police officer.

“It’s been fantastic joining and I would recommend it to anyone, I’m living the dream.”

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