Oakwood Sun Club, Romford, celebrates Jubilee with naturist open-day

With summer finally upon us, many of us will be showing a bit of skin.

And members of one Romford body will be showing more than most, as naturists’ group the Oakwood Sun Club gains some exposure with a special Jubilee open day.

The event will also mark 50 years since locals began “hanging out” at the club.

Swimming pool

“It’s something a lot of people want to do,” said PR officer Bob Grieve. “People are frightened, but once they do it they can’t see why they were worried.”

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Set in five-and-a-half acres of woodland and boasting an outdoor swimming pool as well as tennis and bowls courts, Oakwood has 70 regulars.

Former council worker Mr Grieve believes nudity helps people accept themselves.

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“I think the biggest thing we come to terms with is the shame of our bodies,” he said. “Everybody’s got a problem but if it can’t be hidden then it ceases to be a problem.”

Moved to its current location after opening in a chalk mining site, the club once boasted seven acres - but roadworks cut it down to a more modest size.

“Not long after we took over the site, the M25 was altered and ploughed its way through our land,” explained treasurer Terry, “leaving us with five and a half.”

The free open day will take place on Monday at the club, on Chequers Road. Visitors are expected to come clothed. In the evening there will be an all-you-can-eat tea party costing �4.50.

Despite the Jubilee theme of the party, Oakwood has yet to receive royal naturists. “I might have to write to them,” said Mr Grieve.

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