Gooshays is Havering's worst neighbourhood for fly-tipping

Harold Hill has worst area for fly-tipping in the borough.

Fly-tipping in Dagnam Park Close. An area in Harold Hill had the most fly-tipping incidents in the borough. - Credit: Jan Sargent

North Street, Hornchurch, was the street with the most fly-tipping reports in the borough in an 18-month period - but Gooshays in Harold Hill was the worst neighbourhood overall.

Between July 2019 and December 2020, there have been 8,025 reports of fly-tipping, with incidents in Gooshays alone making up nearly a thousand - 925 - of those instances in the year and a half period.

This is significantly more than the areas which racked up the next highest number of incidents - Heaton with 767 and Romford Town Centre with 674.

The neighbourhoods with the fewest reports were smaller wards, such as Cranham with 200, Squirrel's Heath with 222 and Emerson Park with 255.

The worst months for fly-tipping in Havering were May 2020 with 926 and June 2020 with 948 - nearly double the incidents compared to April 2020, 578, and July 2020, 488.

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The winter months seemed to have relatively fewer incidents, with only 205 recorded in December 2019 and others recording between 200 to 500.

Havering is regularly in the top 10 of London boroughs carrying out enforcement action against fly-tippers, but the council says the crime still costs the authority approximately £1m each year.

In December 2020, the environmental enforcement team received 19 reports relating to fly-tipping and littering in the Brooklands ward alone.

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Of these reports, 11 resulted in enforcement action being taken.

Cllr Ciaran White, who has been working with residents on fly-tipping issues in Hornchurch, said: "It is a shame that some people choose to not take responsibility and put their rubbish in a bin.

"In general we often find litter trapped in bushes and foliage, particularly along roads. There has been a lot of used masks and dog mess bags recently!

"As local councillors we are very keen to make sure Havering is a clean place in which to live in. We must all play our part in making our borough a nice place to live.”

He added that they have set up a Facebook group, Havering Clean Streets, for residents to report issues.

Jon Cruddas, MP for Dagenham and Rainham, has also recently raised issues about the dumping of rubbish in an abandoned property in New Road.

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