No Smoking Day: Inhaler and willpower worked for Kimberley Fraser, from Romford

Kimberley Fraser feels better for giving up the dreaded weed

Kimberley Fraser feels better for giving up the dreaded weed - Credit: Archant

Kimberley Fraser, 27, of Padnall Road, Romford, kicked the habit using a combination of an inhaler and strong willpower.

An assistant manager at Game, Kimberley has lived in Romford for the last six years, and packed in smoking after 13 years last July.

“I just decided one day that I was fed up of it - always having to pop outside to smoke, that horrible feeling of needing a cigarette and not being able to have one when in work - and the costs were really starting to go up at over £6.50 a packet.

“I refused to let myself fail, and when I really had those cravings I’d use the inhaler.

“I wish everyone good luck who’s trying to quit, it’s honestly the best thing I’ve ever done, and I don’t miss it one bit.”

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