New Romford bollards ‘damaging cars’

Angry drivers have been left fuming after their cars have been damaged by recently installed bollards on a road.

The motorists have hit at Havering Council over the bollards in Victoria Road, Romford, which they claim are too close together.

Driver, Steven Little said: “I have no idea what the council were thinking when they put the bollards up, as they are too tight to get a car through without damaging it.”


The bollards, were installed in the road last week to prevent heavy lorries from using the bridge over the railway line.

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However, at 6’ 6” (2m), the drivers say that it is impossible to get through without damaging wing mirrors and scraping the side of cars.

Cabinet member for Streetcare, Cllr Barry Tebbutt said: “Network Rail have assessed the structure and strength of their railway bridge and as a result we have to restrict the bridge from vehicles exceeding 3 tonnes. To enforce this, bollards have been placed to restrict vehicles 6’ 6” (2m) in width.”

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Driver Steven Little was dropping his son at school when he scraped his Lexus 4x4.

He says it will cost him at least �750 to get his car repaired and he is considering sending the bill to the council.

He said: “I am definitely not going to pay it. I pay all my taxes and I should not have to pay out for something that is just a big joke.”

Driver John Down damaged his wing mirror and says that he even witnessed traffic chaos as drivers were forced to do a U-turn in the road because they were unable to get through the bollards.

Cllr Tebbutt has said that action has been taken to the bollards to make it easier for drivers.

He said: “We have lowered the bollards but drivers with vehicles wider than the 6’ 6” restriction (including wing mirrors) should avoid the area.

“If, in the coming months there is any way we can relax the restriction after Network Rail assess the strength and safety of their bridge, we will do so.”

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