New car for Hornchurch police

ST ANDREWS Safer Neighbourhoods Team will be able to get around quicker thanks to a new vehicle.

The Hornchurch police team have been getting to jobs on foot and by bicycle so far, but the new Mazda5 car means they can cover more of the ward quicker, and get more work done.

They will also be able to transport crime prevention materials across the ward as well as increasing the area that can be patrolled by a single officer.

Sergeant Paul Murray said: “The Mazda5 is a fantastic vehicle for use on the borough. Having seven seats I can transport my team to drop off points throughout the ward within a matter of minutes rather than relying on public transport.

“We can attend appointments promptly and make home visits to those who require them to discuss policing matters without incurring long travelling times and delays.”

The team deals with community issues including neighbour disputes, raids on drugs venues and licensed premises, and school presentations.

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