EastEnders fans have been left confused after a legendary character secretly made their return to Walford last night.

The character's return to Albert Square was briefly mentioned near the end of the episode but fans failed to spot him at all.

Last night saw Keanu Taylor's son finally laid to rest after he was killed six months ago.

His mother Karen made an appearance at the funeral but she was one of the few people to attend.

Remarking about the lack of attendees, Karen confided in Kat Slater: “Hardly anyone’s going".

She added: “Chatham, Riley, Mitch… none of them can face it. Mitch thinks something’s going to happen to Bailey. He’s got her under lock and key.”

EastEnders fans left confused after Keegan makes secret return to Walford

While it appeared that only Karen, Bernie, step-nephew Felix and their pal Chelsea made it to the funeral, another character was confirmed to be there.

Keanu’s younger brother Keegan was said to have flown all the way from Germany to show face.

However, rather than seeing him, EastEnders fans were informed aof his arrival in a throwaway scene at the end of the episode.

Taking a phone call from niece Tiffany, Keegan’s wife, Sonia said: “Yes, Keegan went straight to the airport.”

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One fan of the BBC show, who was left confused by the revelation, said: “Sonia's call to Tiff implies that Keegan only went for the service and then went to the airport, but the way it was scripted does leave the possibility that he over-slept and was on his way to the airport too late.”

A second said: “A bit strange that Zack Morris was said to have been spotted at the studios around the time these scenes have been filmed only for the funeral to take place off-screen, and Sonia's phone call to Tiffany suggests that Keegan was at the funeral but had to make a quick exit to the airport.”

A third viewer added: “I won’t lie, I expected more from this episode. I recognise they couldn’t get Zack Morris back, but Roger Griffiths would’ve felt sufficient to have Karen, Mitch, Bernie and Felix representing the unit.”

Finally, a fourth added: “I like that it was at least mentioned that Keegan had gone to the funeral. Am I bothered that we didn't see him? No, not really. Maybe that little bit of money can be spent on a more exciting one-off return further down the line.”