Mystery of foul pong in Havering getting up residents’ noses

A fire at the Shanks waste recycling plant in Rainham released 'rancid' smells in a seperate inciden

A fire at the Shanks waste recycling plant in Rainham released 'rancid' smells in a seperate incident in Rainham last month. Picture: James Green. - Credit: Archant

A mysterious foul stench has been creeping across the borough, keeping people up at night.

Havering Council is searching for the cause of the strong “burning smell”, which has attracted much attention on social media in recent days.

The council is urging people who are affected to report it to help pinpoint the source.

People in Rise Park, Hornchurch, Harold Wood, Elm Park, Ardleigh Green and Romford have smelled the pong.

Lesley Bennett, 52, of Rise Park, said: “It’s absolutely terrible and this is the first time I’ve actually woken up to a smell. It smells like someone’s lit a bonfire outside your window.”

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She added: “I like to have my windows open sometimes but now I have no choice but to keep them shut – and the smell still remains in your house.”

As of Thursday morning, 19 people had contributed to a conversation about the stench on social media site, Streetlife.

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Edward P said it is so foul that “even the dog disliked it”.

Others have raised health concerns about the odour, which has been likened to thick cigarette smoke or a substantial fire.

Karen H wrote: “As an asthma sufferer I have to rush indoors & it makes your hair & clothes smell, it’s that bad.

“Thought it was just me being over-sensitive, but it helps to know there are others who notice it too.”

The council wants affected residents to email or visit and select “problems with smoke” to report the smell.

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