My Havering: Michelle Fitzgibbons

The Shopping Hall's marketing manager Michelle Fitzgibbons hands the prize to raffle winner Sandra M

The Shopping Hall's marketing manager Michelle Fitzgibbons hands the prize to raffle winner Sandra Moore - Credit: Archant

Michelle is the sales and marketing manager at Romford Shopping Hall, in Romford Market Place.

What brought you to Havering?

Schools mostly, they are better than where I was living in Redbridge before. I grew up in Hainault, but it wasn’t where I wanted to bring up my family. And it was closer to my work at the shopping hall.

How does Havering compared with where you have lived before?

The house prices were more reasonable in Collier Row because there was no train station nearby.

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You have a day off and you choose to spend it in Havering. What would you get up to?

I would go bike riding, there’s so many nice places to explore. I’d ride down into Romford, have some lunch at the Romford Shopping Hall, go shopping, or maybe have a makeover.

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If you could change one thing about Havering, what would it be?

I’d increase the bus services to Stapleford Abbotts where I’m living now. There’s only one every hour and a half, which isn’t great for the kids.

You move to a desert island for a month. You are allowed one album by one artist. What do you choose and why?

That’s such a hard question! I’d have to say Madonna’s Like a Virgin because she’s my idol.

Who is the most inspiring person you’ve ever met?

Princess Anne. I had a temp job at the Princess Royal Trust for Carers. I was honoured to organise a fashion show to raise funds for the charity. I didn’t know anything about royal protocol before it, but she was a really charming woman.

What do you like to watch on TV?

You’ve Been Framed is my favourite programme. It’s a bit sad but if you have a really bad day, watching people falling over cheers you up.

It’s so funny it always makes me smile.

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