My Havering: Harold Berger

Harold Berger, 75 is an amateur photographer who lives in Hornchurch

Harold Berger, 75 is an amateur photographer who lives in Hornchurch - Credit: Archant

Amateur photographer, Harold Berger, 75 talks about his experiences living in Hornchurch

What brought you to settle in Havering? My father had a factory in Stoke Newington. In the 1950s the government gave people lots of incentives to move their businesses out of the city. My father moved the factory to Harold Hill and we moved to be closer to the factory.

You have a day off and choose to spend it in Hornchurch. What would you get up to? I really enjoy gardening so I would spend it in my garden.

If you could change one thing about Hornchurch what would it be? I would make car parking easier. I would either make it all free parking or offer people a rebate when they shop locally. A lot of shopkeepers are finding things really hard.

You are forced to move to a desert island for a month. You are allowed to take one album. Which one would you take and why? I would take a Glenn Miller album or any other jazz album. It is very soothing to the mind and makes you relaxed. I would have to take a selection because if you just take one you would get bored.

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Who is the most inspiring person you have ever met? The most inspiring person that I have ever met was Douglas Bader. He was a World War Two flying ace, who lost both of his legs in a crash. There was a film made about his life and he did a lot of good work to help people with disabilities. I met him at an event I attended in Norfolk. He was talking to a group of people and I was there. I just remember that there was something inspiring about him.

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