Model Twiggy backs appeal to find greyhounds loving homes

A TOP model is appealing to people in Havering to give a loving home to a greyhound.

Twiggy has given her support to the Retired Greyhound Trust, which is desperately seeking homes in the area for dogs which have retired from their careers at the Romford Greyhound Stadium.

The Greyhound Homer kennels in Ockendon, where canines from the Romford track are taken, currently needs owners for more than 20 dogs.

Seventies icon Twiggy said: “I am devastated to hear about the Retired Greyhound Trust’s struggle with homing figures. I would urge anyone who is considering a dog to think greyhounds.

“The sooner the charity can find good homes for those in kennels then the sooner they can free up space for the many more who are on the waiting list.

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“Greyhounds make fantastic pets. They undergo a transformation when they leave the track. They turn from speed machines to docile couch potatoes who love to loll around and get fussed. All they want is a loving family or owner to look after them.

“I hope there are families out there who can help.”

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Although last year the trust saw 4,200 dogs adopted, it still found around 500 fewer homes for canines than in 2009.

Ivor Stocker from the trust said: “The homing figures for 2010 are really disappointing for our hard working volunteers and bad news for our greyhounds.

“Greyhounds have very individual personalities and our volunteers have years of experience homing them. They can match the right dog to the right individual or family to ensure everyone lives happily ever after.”

For more information on adopting a greyhound call 0844 826 8424 or visit

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