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THE OWNER of a sandwich bar is fuming after a disgruntled parent daubed “Don’t sell fags to my kids” on the pavement outside.

The graffiti was found penned outside of the cafe, sandwich bar and bakery, In The Mood For Food in Elmer Gardens, Rainham on Monday August 6.

The shop’s owner, Robbie Hazell said: “Whoever did this is really selfish because if they had taken the time to look then they would see that we are a sandwich shop so we don’t even sell cigarettes.

“Instead of coming into the shop and finding out more face-to-face they have taken it upon themselves to do such an act of stupidity.”

Robbie was first alerted to the message when his wife Pauline came to open as normal at around 7am.

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He says that since then he has been bombarded with questions from customers and even lost trade.

He said: “We work very hard trying to make this business work but someone has taken it out of our hands.”

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Robbie believes it was done by someone who got the shop confused and has even resorted to putting up a reward of �500 for anyone that can help find the culprit.

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