Rainham woman fears missing puppy was dognapped

One-year-old Bella went missing in Rainham yesterday afternoon

One-year-old Bella went missing in Rainham yesterday afternoon - Credit: Sophie Holman

A Rainham woman fears she has been the victim of dognapping after losing her French Bulldog puppy.

Sophie Holman, who lives in Orchard Village, has not seen one-year-old Bella since midday yesterday (November 25). 

She told the Recorder: "I got her during the pandemic when I was by myself, and she literally got me through lockdown.

"She's like my child, she's my world - she is honestly my everything."

Hugo (l) and Bella (r) disappeared from Mardyke Open Space yesterday (November 25)

Hugo (l) and Bella (r) disappeared from Mardyke Open Space yesterday (November 25) - Credit: Sophie Holman

The council worker was walking Bella and six-month-old Hugo in Mardyke Open Space when she realised both dogs had disappeared.

She said: "One second they were there, the next they were gone, it was so surreal. Bella is so timid, she is literally always five paces in front of me - she would never run off."

The frantic couple eventually found Hugo on Lower Mardyke Road, who was "really scared and shaken".

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"We had to carry him home, he was so scared," Sophie said. "He wouldn't even go near my partner, which is not normal."

French Bulldog Bella (l) is missing from Rainham

French Bulldog Bella (l) went missing in Rainham - Credit: Sophie Holman

They have not found Bella, and are concerned both dogs were dognapped but Hugo had managed to escape.

Sophie has reported the incident to the police and asks anyone with information to call 07377402831.

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