Miracle escape for motorway smash couple from Hornchurch

�A shocked motorist who had a lucky escape when his car collided with a lorry on the M25 is calling for lorries from overseas to be fitted with more mirrors.

Robert Lee and his wife Linda, from Hornchurch, said they were amazed they got out alive just suffering from shock and whiplash after the accident on the M25 in Surrey last month.

He said the accident happened after the lorry attempted to change lanes near junction 10 and hit his car. The couple were spun in front of the lorry and shunted 400 yards along the road.

He believes that the lorry driver did not see the car.

Mr Lee, 60, said : “We were very lucky the car didn’t flip over. I don’t know how it didn’t.

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“The only way my wife could get out was by scrambling over to the driver’s side. We are lucky to be alive.”

The couple’s car was written off and the police said no action would be taken.

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Mr Lee, of Tylers Crescent, Suttons Farm said: “These lorries should not be on the road without an adequate mirror.”

He has contacted his MP, Angela Watkinson, about the issue and is waiting to hear from her.

A Road Safety Bill, sponsored by Sir Alan Beith, is due for its second reading in Parliament in March.

If passed, the law will require lorries to be fitted with equipment to eliminate blind spots.

The family of Eilidh Cairns who was killed in a road accident, have brought their See Me, Save Me campaign to Europe, calling for similar legislation in the EU.

They said HGVs make up three per cent of the vehicles on European roads, but are involved in 14 per cent of fatal collisions and 400 people die in Europe each year because of HGV blind spots.

They want to see cameras, lane departure warning systems and emergency braking systems fitted to lorries.

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