McBride more determined

Chairman tackles new Hornchurch debut

Hornchurch chairman Colin McBride will not let the club’s debt get him down.

McBride revealed how a �10,000 demand for CCTV equipment at Bridge Avenue had been sent to the club recently.

But he remains defiant in his bid to get Urchins on to a sounder financial footing.

“It was one we didn’t know about and it’s like a kick in the teeth,” said McBride.

“Someone has demanded �10,000 and I don’t even think the stuff works. It’s just another one for the pile.

“We had the same with the burger bar, the lawnmower and tractor. All this stuff was re-leased by the last regime.

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“We’d had no correspondence from this firm since March 2007. I’ve been opening post for the past 18 months and had never heard of them.

“We had a cleaning company asking for the �1,400 they were owed. The work was seven years ago and I wish they had been as vigilant with the people who made the debt in the first place.”