Mayor Boris Johnson launches Havering’s parcels for troops

Boris Johnson returned to the borough to help launch Havering’s parcels for the troops and he said it was the best day that he has had so far in his election campaign tour.

The Mayor of London met the founder of the event, John Marcelle at Tesco, Roneo Corner, Hornchurch, last Saturday March 24.

John Marcelle, 81, said: “It was a huge success and Boris Johnson was an absolute whizz.

“He said thank you for inviting him and he said that he could see that the people of Romford were generous.

“He also said that it was the best day that he has had so far in his election campaign.”

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The event, which sees shoppers buying goods from a list, which are then sent to British troops serving abroad, was the final event after 20 years.

This year’s event, was the best ever, racking in �30,000 worth of stock, �700 and �650 in Tesco vouchers.

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Boris, spent time talking to the troops, which included the Kings Royal Hussars, the Household Calvary, the Coldstream Guards, the Royal Logistics Corps.

He also helped to encourage the shoppers to buy things on their shopping lists to send to the serving troops.

John said: “He spoke to every single person and shook hands with them, and I think the fact that he was there was a massive boost for the shoppers and the troops.”

Former Sergeant Major John, had the idea of inviting the Mayor of London a couple of months ago.

He got in contact with his campaign team, but only received confirmation that he would be visiting two weeks ago.

John said: “It is my last parcels for the troops day and I wanted a big crowd to end it on a high and I thought Boris would be one way of getting that.

“I got in touch with his campaign team and told them that I thought it would be good for his election campaign, but they kept on passing me on from one person to another, but I just kept on trying.”

After leaving Tesco, Boris went on a tour of the rest of the borough taking in Romford Town Centre and Romford’s historic market.

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