Man writes emotional song to brave Hornchurch cancer fighter Mitchell Huth

A brave Hornchurch boy battling a rare form of cancer has inspired a stranger to write an emotional song encouraging people to donate to his appeal.

Danny Friel has penned the song called One Wish for Mitchell Huth who has neuroblastoma and needs life saving treatment abroad after suffering a relapse.

Danny said: “My one wish is for Mitchell to get better.

“There are lots of people doing different things to try to raise money for him, but music is one thing that appeals to everyone.”

Danny, who last year took part in a charity event for Mitchell, spent eight months writing the lyrics.

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The lyrics are based on a conversation that Danny, who is from The Wirral imagines Mitchell’s parents having with their son about the efforts they are taking to get him better.

Danny has recorded an acoustic version of the song on his phone, but has been offered a day in a recording studio by a Liverpudlian studio where he can do different versions of the song on CD.

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Danny said: “The problem I had with writing the song is that I have never met him, I have never spoken to his family and my only contact with them has been through Facebook.

“I didn’t want the song to be depressing and miserable, so I am happy because it is very hopeful and inspiring.”

Danny, who has been singing and writing his own songs for the past three years, came up with the idea of the song last year.

After speaking to Mitchell’s parents about it, he wrote the song earlier this year.

He is now set to release the song on ITunes in the next coming weeks, but he is also hoping that it attracts the attention of a record label,

He said: “Mitchell’s parents were really happy with the idea and they have said that the song is very moving.

“It is a very emotional song, but I don’t care if people don’t like it, the most important thing for me is that this boy gets the money and has the treatment he needs abroad,”

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