Man sets up his own video blog to get people interested in politics in Havering

A man is on a mission to get young people in Havering interested in politics with his new video blog.

Alex Donald,24 from Cranham started the blog last month and it has already got more than 1100 hits.

Alex said: “When you talk to people their perceptions of politics is that it is boring and irrelevant, but I want to make sure that people hold the politicians to account.”

Called Havering Meh, the video blog sees Alex discussing a range of issues in Havering including growing old in the borough and what life is like for the elderly population in the borough.

Alex also uses the blog to comment on the latest ask the cabinet meeting and uploads his own videos on the blog.

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He said: “I have been really surprised at the response that I have had, but it’s just amazing.

“Its not just a forum where people agree with me, but I want people to go on the site and to have an open debate with me.”

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Alex, says that he first got interested in politics during his time studying at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London.

He was inspired to set up the video blog, when he returned to Havering and found that people lacked interest in politics.

He is hoping that his video blog will make politics exciting and interesting for young people and challenge the commonly held view of politics as boring.

Alex said: “My interest in politics definitely started when I was studying, everyone there was interested in politics that you couldn’t escape it.

“There are a lot of national blogs, but when it comes to our borough specifically, we only have a few written blogs and none with videos.

“I believe Havering’s a great place to live and I think it would be even greater if people got involved in civil society and held their elected representatives to account.”


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