Man kills himself during leave from psychiatric unit

A MAN who became an informal patient at a psychiatric hospital after his marriage broke down was found dead in his car with the engine running, an inquest heard.

Nicholas Mizen, 47, of High Street, Hornchurch, was found in Childerditch Lane, Little Warley, after gassing himself in his Audi, Chelmsford Coroner’s Court was told.

The cause of death was given as carbon monoxide poisoning and drug and alcohol abuse.

Mr Mizen’s alcohol level was found to be excessive and vodka bottles were found in the car.

Recording a verdict that he killed himself, coroner Caroline Beasley-Murray said: “He formed the intention and took deliberate action. A note was found in the car.”

Coroner’s officer Ria Hill said Mr Mizen’s family accepted the account given by Mascalls Park Hospital, Brentwood.

She said Mr Mizen had a history of depression and had taken overdoses in 1984 and was admitted to hospital after a suicide attempt in 1997.

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As an informal patient he was allowed two hours’ unsupervised leave. On March 14, he took his car keys and didn’t return, and was later found dead in the car.

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