Lucky escape for motorcyclist in Rainham

A MOTORCYCLIST escaped uninjured from a road crash in Rainham on Thursday.

The man who was riding an Aprilla motorbike was in collision with a blue Opel car in Rainham Road, Rainham, on Thursday afternoon.

Police and a London Ambulance crew were called to the scene at the junction with Blake Close around 4.15pm.

A Havering Police spokesman said: “It was a non-injury accident. There was damage only to the vehicles. Both the rider and the driver exchanged names and addresses.”

London Ambulance Service sent a single responder in a car and an ambulance crew but there were no patients.

The police spokesman added: “The rider initially said he was going to go to hospital to be checked out but then changed his mind because he had no injuries.”

A resident who lives near the junction said: “A guy came off his moped. He must have slipped because it was wet.”

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“We were just pulling in to our house when we saw the ambulance pull away.”

Her husband said: “The guy walked across the road and picked something up and walked away.”

A driver who saw the scene of the crash said it was a helmet she saw the rider pick up from the road.

Another neighbour saw an ambulance and police at the scene and a motorbike standing up on the side of the road.

“I could see people standing around and police there so I thought there might have been a crash but I couldn’t see the rider.”

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