Call for 'measures' to protect rural roads from Lower Thames Crossing HGVs

Brentwood Lower Thames Crossing

Works on the proposed Lower Thames Crossing could cause disruption to Brentwood's rural roads, its council has warned - Credit: Highways England

Works on the proposed Lower Thames Crossing could pose a risk to Brentwood's rural roads, the council says.

Brentwood Borough Council's concern is that HGV drivers tasked with shifting construction spoil away from the crossing's site could travel through areas such as West Horndon village to avoid the A127.

Because it is not yet known where that spoil will be going, the council is fearful that there could be a travel free-for-all once the final destination is confirmed.

This has prompted pleas - made to Highways England - for "some form of control measure" which protects the local area.

While this remains up in the air, already confirmed is that the project's Warley Street construction compound, which is adjacent to Brentwood Enterprise Park, is expected to generate up to 19 HGV trips a day in and around Brentwood.

Shaun Pidcock, Lower Thames Crossing programme director, said: “Our plans include beneficially reusing as much excavated material on site as we can to remove hundreds of thousands of HGVs from local roads, as well as restrict construction traffic to specific routes that will be agreed with the local authority to avoid residential areas and sensitive locations where possible."

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