London web chat replay: Olympics, bendy buses and shopping

Join us for another London web chat covering issues such as the Olympics, protests and pride in being a Londoner.

This week it’s been reported how the cost of staging the four opening and ceremonies for the Olympics and Paralympics has swelled to �81m.

Meanwhile, a London 2012 hopeful is having to use the eBay auction site to find sponsorship to help with training costs to fulfil his ambition of competing in the Games.

Is there something wrong here? Do we need lavish ceremonies for the Olympics? Should the events be scaled back and money spent on other things, such as preparing our athletes?

Protests have also been high on the news agenda this week.

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In Westminster a bylaw is set to be passed which could end the Parliament Square peace camp.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has said Jesus would at the Occupy London camp outside St Paul’s asking “awkward” questions of all those involved.

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Occupy London got support this week from Radiohead and Massive Attack musicians, who did a DJ set in the Hackney office block taken over by protesters.

Should ‘permanent’ protest camps be banned in London? Should tougher action be taken against protesters who take over certain sites or buildings?

Also this week, the results of a study were revealed showing London residents identify themselves more as Londoners than British.

The YouGov poll found people see London as a ‘city state’ which they are very proud of.

Do you agree with the poll? Do you feel proud to be a Londoner? Do you see yourself as a Londoner first and your nationality second?

Other issues to emerge include the end of the controversial bendy buses in the capital and a dying London woman’s appeal for assisted suicide to be made legal.

If you are someone with strong opinions on what’s happening in London and would like to discuss these or any other issues, we’d would love you to get involved in our web chat thislunchtime, so come along, join the debate and share your views.

Our Week In Review web chat will take place between noon and 2pm.

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