London web chat replay: Occupy, Mayor and Christmas lights

The question of whether Christmas is being forced upon Londoner too early was one of the topics during the latest Week In Review web chat at

Our discussion took place after Oxford Street’s Christmas lights were switched on in the first week of November and shortly before illuminations at Westfield’s shopping centres were turned on.

For contributor GM the early arrival of the festive season is not a problem. “Christmas lights in November? No problem! It gets people in the mood for Christmas which can only be a good thing.”

Steve, on the other hand, was less pleased. He said: “I think there should be a law banning Christmas lights from being switched on until December 1. Let's just keep Christmas to the month it actually takes place in. I'd also like to see fireworks being banned in residential areas all times of the year except for November 5 and maybe just a few days either side.”

Next May’s mayoral election was also talked about, with not a lot of enthusiasm shown for the political parties’ choice of candidates.

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Sir Richard Branson, Lord Alan Sugar and Jamie Oliver were put forward as better nominations for having “real passion”.

GM again said: “I suspect we are in for another four years of Boris. The lack of a credible opposing candidate, the generic view that Boris hasn't been that bad and there is still some gimmicky love for Boris. Think it's an uphill battle for the other candidates.”

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It’s been a popular subject since the protest started and the Occupy camp at St Paul’s was again discussed.

Ash tried to explain the protesters’ aims: “The movements stand as a permanent awareness to global issues that need to be addressed now, and sadly people need to be realistic to what’s going on around them. Not all members of the public understand the current global financial issues, or the corporation hell we live in. We should be governed by ourselfs, the 99 per cent - not live in a plutocracy, but a true democracy.”

He cited stricter regulation on tax avoidance and the banking system as changes which could be made to the current financial set-up.

Be on this Friday between noon and 2pm for another web chat on the week’s big London stories.

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