TfL promises bus station upgrade to fix reported 'mice, filth and sewage'

Bus drivers rest at the Romford Atlanta Boulevard bus station

Bus drivers rest at the Romford Atlanta Boulevard bus station - Credit: Sally Patterson

Drivers have anonymously come forward to speak out about the “disgraceful” facilities at a Romford bus station. 

The Atlanta Boulevard bus station, which is behind Romford train station, is a Transport for London (TfL)-run facility for drivers to rest and use the bathroom.

The facilities were closed after the water bill was not paid

The facilities were closed after the water bill was not paid - Credit: London bus driver

One driver, who wished to remain anonymous, told this paper: “Last week TfL forgot to pay the water bill, so they shut off everything - the toilets, kitchen - all closed for three days. 

“It’s disgraceful after everything we’ve been through this year.” 

TfL letter of disconnection

A letter sent to TfL from water company Wave - Credit: London bus driver

An anonymous letter sent to the Recorder from someone claiming to be a London bus driver said they were not treated with “respect or dignity” by TfL throughout the pandemic. 

They added: “I have left my name blank as if I was found to be the sender of this information, this would result in me being dismissed, but I feel the wider public should have an understanding of the way we are being treated.” 

flooded bathroom

Drivers say the bathroom floor is often covered in sewage - Credit: London bus driver

TfL head of asset operations, Carl Eddleston, said the closure was caused by an error in the billing process, which has now been addressed. 

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He told this paper: “I’m extremely sorry that a number of bus drivers were unable to access the usual restroom in Romford.  

“Clearly something went very wrong here, but thankfully arrangements were immediately made for drivers to access nearby facilities.” 


Drivers have a small kitchenette to prepare food and make hot drinks - Credit: Sally Patterson

However, another bus driver, who also wanted to remain anonymous, told this paper the incident was one of many problems with the services. 

blocked toilet

The toilet was reportedly left in a poor state after a plumber unplugged it - Credit: London bus driver

“The toilets overflow all the time with raw sewage, because the building is so old but they won’t refurb it or knock it down.

"They are always filthy and unusable.

“But it gets better, because while you’re sitting eating your lunch, you’ve got mice running around your feet.” 

In response, TfL said the facilities are “thoroughly cleaned” twice daily, and a redevelopment of the facilities on Atlanta Boulevard is in the pipeline. 

Mice traps have been put down in the facilities

Mice traps have been put down in the facilities - Credit: Sally Patterson

The head of operations added: “We are aware that there are plumbing issues with the toilets due to an old pipe network.  

“We have made significant temporary repairs in the last year which have improved the situation and a permanent fix will be introduced as part of work due to begin later this year.” 

TfL said it pretreats all its key bus facilities to help prevent rodent issues arising. 

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