Upminster speed limit sign blunder to be corrected after call from Recorder

Motorists driving through Upminster may have been a little confused lately - when even the people maintaining the roads don’t seem to know what the speed limit is.

Recent work on the road has led to a 30mph speed limit being painted on the road surface, centimetres away from a fixed road sign which says 40mph.

The photo of this part of St Mary’s Lane was sent in by Romford driving instructor Chris Bancroft, of Streetwise driving school, who regularly takes students out on the stretch of road.

He said: “The first time I noticed it, I was doing a lesson and the student didn’t know what the speed limit was and had to ask me.

“It totally confuses them, and it must confuse drivers who aren’t learners too.

“I don’t really understand it, who would actually look at a 40-sign and think ‘I’ll paint 30 on the road’?”

But following an enquiry from the Recorder, the road markings will be changed.

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The Recorder contacted Havering Council about the problem, and was told that contractors Carillion painted it after carrying out works for electricity company UK Power Networks.

Cllr Michael White, leader of the council, said: “This was a mistake made by Carillion Plc, working on behalf of UK Power Networks.

“We have told Carillion to correct the markings as soon as possible, otherwise we will put them right and charge them accordingly.”

A spokesman for Carillion admitted the mistake and said the sign will be corrected later this week.

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