Traffic wardens on scooters issued more fines in Havering on Bank Holidays

There are 60 per cent more parking tickets issued by Havering Council wardens on scooters on Bank Holidays than normal working days.

The council released figures which show that on Bank Holiday Mondays this year, its scooter-bound officers issued an average of 79 tickets compared to just 50 on a normal Monday.

On Good Friday the council issued 99 tickets, compared to 62 for a normal Friday.

Cllr Clarence Barrett, leader of the opposition Residents’ Association group, said he requested the figures from the council after concerns that drivers’ confusion about Bank Holiday parking restrictions is being used to increase the number of tickets handed out.

CCTV issued tickets remained the same on Bank Holidays, compared to normal days, however.

Cllr Barrett said: “Nowadays there is little that separates a Bank Holiday from a Sunday and I believe that the restrictions should be harmonised to Sundays.

“This would bring about a greater degree of clarity and end the confusion that can often arise leading to parking tickets being issued.”

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The council explained in its written response to Cllr Barrett that there are no extra parking enforcement officers on duty on Bank Holidays.

Havering Council leader, Cllr Michael White, said: “Our parking charges are among the lowest in London and what money we do receive from fines is spent improving our transport and parking network.

“Many councils charge on bank holidays as we do, but also charge on Sundays too - which we don’t.”

He added: “All of our budgets are under pressure and we are saving millions every year, so we have no plans to change our bank holiday arrangements.”

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